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Smurfs In Belgium - Day V

Back to school...

As soon as it started, did it all end again, and we return to teh delights of 'the routine'.  I am sure all boys bounced out of bed and raced to get changed for the school run - poor teachers, they do not know what is about to hit them!

Easter Action


Smurfs in Belgium - Day IV


Smurfs in Belgium - Day III

BWB Babies in Belgium - Day II

A clear sky and lovely sunshine greeted us this morning as all three teams were chomping at the bit to get started.  The under 9s were first on and delighted the others with a strong performance winning 6-1.  The 11s were next wth one team winning 2-0 and the other losing 2-0.

BWB Babies enjoy 1st day


Smurfs on 2 wheels

Following the success in the kitchen the boys used the astro to tune their skills before heading off to the BMX track at Odd Down.




The BWBs had their first lesson in nutrition and cooking ttoday.  Charlotte and Jayne guided the boys through the recipes and the results were...mixed!  

Great muffins, not so tasty pancakes and non-existant balls all made for a fab morning.

Forza Azzurri

The BWB enrichment team for the summer will be know as the Azzurri.  The team members have now been selected after a difficult selection process in which a variety of presentation formats were presented.  Congratulations to all; now for the real hard work!

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