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Gothia Highlights


Sainsbury's Haul

Well done and thank you to all those who turned up to pound the shop floor of Sainsbury's to raise money for the Trust.  Special thanks to Debbie and jeanette who led the show!

Well done Smurfs:)

World Youth Cup - Day 8

Has a whole week really gone?  It does seem a while since we dived into the fresh water of teh lake on teh first day, but it hardly seems possible to be going home so soon.  

World Youth Cup - Day 7

World Youth Cup - Day 6

And the show goes on.  All teams were placed to finish 1st or second in their group which meant they would contest the A playoffs coming in the top 60 of the competitions.  This would mean a tough draw though with the possibility of flying out of the competition today - pressure!

World Youth Cup - Day 5

Late nights, early starts.  The energy levels are wavering, but the boys are not complaining - eat, sleep, football; when life is so simple what is there to complain about?!

World Youth Cup - Day 4


Day 4 – Gothia Facts

Fact 1. Late nights and early starts are not going down well; think we have all aged prematurely

Fact 2. Never ask directions from a Swede.  2 wrong buses later, we were eventually granted a lift by a very kind gentleman who did three round trips to get us to the pitch on time.

World Youth Cup - day 3


Day 3 – A Gothia Story

Once upon a time there were a group of fortunate young Smurfs who decided that the confines of Somerset were becoming rather tiresome.  Having persuaded their keepers to re-mortgage their properties in order to send them across the seas and mountains of Mordor, Neverland and Narnia, they eventually arrived in a place called Gotham City where they would meet people from all over the Galaxy. 

World Youth Cup - Day 2



Day 2 a chronological guide

0421       large windows, no curtains, early sunrise + Alfie Prescott = everyone awake! 

0425       Alfie has already packed his bag and dressed

0426       Alfie told to count sheep and go back to sleep

World Youth Cup - Day 1

What we have learned about Gothia on day 1

That waking up at 0300 is similar to having had a severe knock to the head, and it makes your eyes sting.

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