Bath & Wiltshire Schools Sports Trust - BWB

Cross bar, face, side netting and over!

The U11 BWBs were on their travels again, this time heading down south to the English riviera...Torquay! 

Following a chilly and early start from Bath, it was fantastic to be greeted by glorious sunshine down the M5.  It was even more pleasing to witness a sound performance which showed just how far the boys have come since the start of the programme just 12 weeks ago. 

We targeted a 70% possession ratio with the three second rule at the heart of the defensive strategy and although it took the first period to warm to the challenge, the boys certainly achieved the target and created enough chances to last them until the end of the month!

Indeed, it was great to witness a clear transition from training principles to match practice as the ball was moved quickly in tight spaces starting from Eminem in goal and then to wide positions with danger men such as Dash, Popey Messi and Brad waiting to execute their 1 v 1 onslaught.  With Bugsy, Sheep, Batman and Dangermouse anticipating everything and finally showing the strength to 'bully' the opposition, we looked as solid and sound as we have all season.

With almost two teams it was also good to know that we could change personnel and positions without it affecting the style and tempo of play.  Best chance probably fell to Reuss whose powerful volley careered off the cross bar.  Rooney had also a clear opportunity when his first shot was saved by the keeper, and then with the keeper on the floor and the goal begging, his powerful rebound drive hit the keeper flat in the face; perhaps he should take up dodgeball!

Messi finally scored when we were awarded a penalty following a handball when the defender might as well have caught the ball in two hands!  The only disappointment was to concede in the last minute from a free kick which deflected in off the hapless but awesome Dangermouse. 

So 1-1 it finished, but an excellent morning.   Thanks to all the fans who travelled down:)