Bath & Wiltshire Schools Sports Trust - BWB

'The act of facing overwhelming odds produces greatness'

Another Friday night game under floodlights saw the 13s meet a specific challenge which required both intelligence and heart to overcome.

Playing an under 14 side from Gloucestershire, one would have wondered if an error had been made in pitching men against boys as the smurfs gave away at least a foot and 10 kilos pretty much all round.  However, this did not deter them from applying themselves fully and the challenge it presented was ideal to push them on even further.


Indeed, much new understanding was gained in terms of dealing with much more physically dominant opposition when without the ball as it was pleasing to see the 13s gradually come to terms with intelligently hunting in packs to win possession much to the opposition's frustration.

When in possession, the BWBs had to learn to be precise as even the smallest error was enough to allow their bigger counterparts to muscle the ball away, but they did this at times well and produced a number of sequences which allowed them to cut through the middle of the opposition with sharp interchanges.  Certainly, the style of play was much enjoyed by those watching and it was just a shame that they came away with just the single goal.  

"The BWBs are growing as a group and it is lovely to see,  They have a super spirit and their understanding when in posssession is excellent at times.  We lack a real cutting edge against teams which have physical presence as a weapon but as long as the boys are patient, this will not matter in time to come. A very useful exercise for us."