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Day 3 - almost time

Final day already – where has the time gone?!  Longer in bed was the perfect antidote for a late night in the games room, so once the boys had re-energised with a few pigs worth of bacon and the usual accompaniments, the race to pack and clean rooms was on. It looks like we may need to pass on the merits of folding as the preferred option amongst the boys was defo the cram and push method which had the bags bulging to bursting point.  Re-acquainting sleeping bags with their sacks was another interesting challenge.  However, on the whole, the rooms were great and all bags zipped up and ready to go; it did not matter that half of each bag's contents probably belonged to at least another three people.

And so it was off to Westward Ho (what a great name!) for some exploring up the cliffs and in the rock pools.  First to get bitten was Tommy Rosedale but he won the prize for biggest crab find for sure.  It did not take long for half a dozen boys to show their excellent balancing skills by falling into the pools and drenching their footwear, but on the whole it was a nice morning with plenty of nooks and cranies to keep us entertained.

It was then off to lunch (but not before Tim nearly got a parking ticket whilst the boys did nothing and just laughed - thanks lads) and onwards to the Milky Way, not the one in the sky but the entertainment centre of the universe... in Devon.  We were able to let them loose and off they went trying to race eachother down death slides, crashing into one another in the cars and then losing themselves in ball pits

Hoping that the days' events would mean a quiet journey home, we were thus disappointed as they sung all the way home.  Final adventure involved the unsavoury issue of boys and their toiletry habits.  Making the mistake of stoppping for drinks, we then spent the next hour stopping on grass verges, refilling various bottles with an apple juice looking substance and then creating a yellow river behind Morrisons.

It was then back to Chilly where the creased brows could uncrease, the sweat could be wiped away, and the nails allowed to regrow - the boys were back in ma's and pa's arms.  More importantly, it was feeding time again!


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